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Urgent Passport & Visa is a privately owned company with more than 20 years' experience helping US citizens secure the legal documentation they need for their business or personal travel. We're registered with the US Passport Agency and foreign consulates, and are conveniently located in downtown Washington, DC where all the embassies and federal offices are located.

Reliable Visas and Passports

Overseas travel can be complicated. Each country you visit has different requirements to allow you to enter and leave. Even a small error on your paperwork can slow or stop your application, resulting in aggravating delays or even denials for entry.

Urgent Passport & Visa cuts through the maze of rules, regulations, and requirements for you. We check and double-check your paperwork and applications to be sure they are correct before we file them. Whether you need visa or passport services, we can help with our expedited and reliable services.

What are Visas and Passports?

Passports certify your identity and citizenship, allowing you to gain entry into the country which you are visiting, as well as regain entry to your country of citizenship. Many countries also require a visa for entry, which is typically a stamp in your passport authorizing you to be in that country. That’s why it is extremely important to check the visa and passport requirements of the specific country you are visiting. You may very well need our visa as well as our express passport services.

Our Visa & Passport Services

Obtain the documents you need to travel without any unnecessary hassle. We offer a wide variety of passport and visa services, including new passports, passport renewal, passports for children under 16, lost or stolen passports, passport name changes, extending a limited passport, adding extra passport pages and obtaining visas for any country. Simply choose the passport or express visa service you require, then follow our step-by-step instructions.


For an emergency passport, simply send us the documents and applications we need, and we'll hand carry your information through the passport agency. You can even choose the processing speed with which you would like your passport delivered, including standard, rush or urgent services. We will then ship your passport back to you overnight via FedEx.


Obtaining your own visa can be a lengthy process. Urgent Passport and Visa can help expedite the process. Simply choose the country you are visiting on our expedited visa page, fill out our step-by-step instructions and we will hand carry your application to the local consulate.

Here are some of our more popular visa destinations:

With UPV Services, getting visas and passports has never been easier.

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Visa Services

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We can expedite a tourist Visa and Passport renewal in 24 hours!

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