Passport and Visa
Brazil Business Visa Requirements


If you are visiting Brazil for business trips, media coverage or filming, or if you are a flight/ship crewmembers not holding an international crew card, you need to apply for a business visa.

Note: Same day processing is not available for this country

  1. Complete the application online. Print out one copy and sign.

  2. Passport photos
    Submit 2 passport photo(s). Photos must be 2×2, color, with a plain light or white background, and show a full front view of the face and must be taken within the last 6 months.

  3. Current passport
    Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from departure date and must have at least one blank visa page.

  4. Company letter on company�s letterhead
    The letter should state the applicant’s name, how long the applicant has been working for the company, purpose of travel and contact in Brazil, duration and address of stay, signed by the person taking full responsibility of the applicant while in Brazil.
    If the applicant is self-employed, please include a letter from his bank containing financial references.

  5. Copy of airline tickets or flight itinerary showing travel to and from Brazil
    It must have passenger’s name, flight number, itinerary and arrival/departure dates.

  6. Proof of residency
    Notarized copy of your valid driver’s license or utility bill (gas, water, electric).

  7. Copy of the green card or a valid US visa for foreign residents.

  8. For filming or documentary, a special authorization from ANCINE of the Ministry of Culture is required, can be obtained directly by your contact in Brazil.

  9. Copy of recent bank statement.
    Notarized copy of your recent bank statement showing at least a balance of $150 a day of stay
    in Brazil. Please cover your account number.

  10. * If you’re not a resident of DC, MD or VA, please contact UPV for different pricing and requirement;|

  11. Fees
    Fees can be paid by credit card during checkout or by check or money order.

    Consular Fee
    Visa Type 7 to 10 Days Processing
    Multiple Entry $165
    *Consular Fee includes $5 money order fee
    UPV Fee
    15 Business Days 3 Months Visa

    * Shipping fee not included. You can include a Pre-paid Return Envelope with tracking number, otherwise you have to pay the shipping fee.

  12. Customer Information Form  -  This form MUST be completed online -  Click here to fill out this form now