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Type of Visit Visa Required Passport Required
Tourist YES YES
Business YES YES

Tourist and Business Visas to Nigeria

Whether you’re crossing the border by land, sea or air, a passport is needed when you travel to Nigeria. What you may not be aware of, however, is a Nigerian visa is required for tourists and business travelers alike. Make sure you obtain the documentation you need prior to your departure, or you may find yourself stopped from entering the country. Another important factor to consider is your need for a valid passport to obtain your Nigerian visa. A valid passport is one that doesn’t expire for at least 6 months. If you need to update your passport first, UPV Services also offers passport expediting services.

Obtaining a Nigeria Business Visa

Trying to decipher government processes is enough to leave anyone confused; and it seems the more questions you ask, the more questions you usually have. This often makes processing a visa a lengthy and frustrating endeavor; it doesn’t have to be. For over 20 years, UPV Services has been helping individuals and companies rush Nigerian business visas and cut through all the red tape. We offer step-by-step instructions to help you tackle the process effortlessly and hassle-free. Rely on UPV Services to provide you with the proper documentation you need to travel with confidence. Don’t risk waiting in long lines at immigration points or, even worse, denial of entry; order your Nigeria business visa from Urgent Passport and Visa today!

Need to Expedite a Nigerian Business or Tourist Visa?

When your passport is current, expedite a tourist visa to Nigeria or rush a business visa to Nigeria with UPV Services. When we receive your application, our specialists double-check your documents and hand carry your application to the local consulate. Then we return your visa in the time frame you requested.

When you need to rush a Nigerian business visa, UPV Services gets the job done fast.

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