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Type of Visit Visa Required Passport Required
Tourist YES YES
Business YES YES

A China Travel Visa — Reliable and Fast

UPV Services can act as your agent to rush your travel visa to china, saving you time and effort. As the fastest nationwide specialists, we stay current with the most accurate visa information, so you can travel with your documentation in perfect order.

Need an Urgent Tourist Visa to China?

First, check your US passport to ensure it is valid for six months. If not, you will need to renew this first with our passport expediting services. Once you have a current passport, apply for an urgent Chinese tourist visa. So you don’t have to miss your plane, we offer a variety of processing speeds, including same day rush services. With our knowledge of the requirements and personnel at the consulates, we have the ability to overcome issues swiftly, making the entire process reliable and stress-free. By depending on UPV Services, you can get ready for your trip without worrying about obtaining a Chinese travel visa.

Need an Expedited Business Visa to China?

When your company requires a Chinese visa, rely on UPV Services. We can process your government papers reliably and accurately to save your company from unnecessary setbacks. Don’t risk your company’s revenue; get the proper documentation your employees need to avoid delays in customs and canceled trips.

First, your employee will need a US passport that is valid for the next 6 months. Then rush a business visa to China with UPV Services. We offer different processing times, so you can be sure your business visa is ready by your employee’s departure date. After we receive the application, our specialists will review your documents for accuracy and hand carry your application to the local consulate. We then return your urgent Chinese business visa in the time frame you specified.

When you need a Chinese tourist visa fast, UPV Services can help.

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