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Bahrain Visa Information

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Type of Visit Visa Required Passport Required
Tourist YES YES
Business YES YES

Visa Information of Bahrain

While you may know that you need a passport when visiting Bahrain, you may not be aware that unless you are a citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council you will also need a visa to enter Bahrain, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. Your passport will need to be valid for the duration of your Bahrain visa or the length of time you will spend in Bahrain, whichever is longer. Should you need a renewed or updated passport for your trip to Bahrain, we can offer you a passport expediting service so that you can successfully obtain your Bahrain visa.

Obtaining a Bahrain Visa

The process of obtaining a visa to Bahrain can be frustrating and time-consuming. At UPV Services, we use our wealth of experience and knowledge of visa requirements to cut through the red tape so that the process of getting your visa is hassle-free. We keep up-to-date of the latest requirements and protocols to ensure your arrival in Bahrain will not be disrupted by improper or inaccurate documentation. When you rely on UPV Services won’t have to suffer through long queues to correct your travel documents or be denied entry.

Do You Need a Rush or Emergency Bahrain Visa?

When you need a visa as soon as possible and have a valid passport, UPV Services can help you to obtain an emergency Bahrain Visa. As well as providing you with all the Bahrain visa information you need to know, including exactly what is required, we will double-check your documents and carry them by hand to the local consulate before returning your visa to you in the least time possible. In an emergency Bahrain Visa situation you can rely on UPV Services to swiftly and effectively remedy the situation.

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