Passport and Visa

Passport Renewal

The Passport Agency has a limited number of Emergency Processing Slots (EPS). If your departure date is in 3 business days or less, you must call UPV Services immediately at (866) 334-8472 to reserve an EPS.

Step 1 - Gather US Passport Application Materials

A) Letter of Authorization
B) Two Passport Photos
C) Most Recent Passport
D) Official Name Change Documentation (if applicable)
E) Letter requesting early renewal (if applicable)
F) Travel Evidence
Please provide two copies of one of the following:
G) DS-82 Government Renewal Application - Click here to fill out this form now
H) Government Fee
Once you have all the materials (as listed above) ready, continue to step 2.

Step 2 - Fill out the Customer Information Form

Click here to fill out the Customer Information Form

Step 3 - Ship Materials to UPV Services

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