Passport and Visa


If you need a U.S. Passport in a hurry, UPV Services can help.

UPV Services is not a government agency - but we work directly with the US Passport Agency and the Department of State to get Passports processed and back to our customers quicker than can be achieved through the normal government channels.

So if you need a Passport right away, do not delay; go to our Instructions to get started.

UPV Services acts only as an agent on behalf of the applicant and accepts no responsibility for the services of the Passport Agency or any Consulate or Embassy regarding the granting of Passports or visas, nor for any delays, loss of Passports or other materials or documents occasioned by such services or by any delivery services. Damage compensation not available from UPV Services.

All this means is that our service guarantee is limited to circumstances within UPV Services' control.

For instance, UPV Services is not responsible for service delays or errors of Federal Express or other overnight courier services if they fail to meet their delivery commitments. UPV Services also cannot be held responsible if the Passport Agency denies a Passport application (for more information, see 'why your Passport application can be denied').

If you have questions regarding our guarantee, please contact UPV Services directly.