Passport and Visa
US Adult Passport Application: Passport for Persons Over 16

Several adult passport application services are explained below. Select the link that fits your situation. If you need more information about US adult passport application or obtaining a passport for persons over 16, please contact us anytime at: 1-866-334-8472.

New Passport Application

This adult passport application process is for applicants:
  • 1. who are applying for a Passport for the first time, or
  • 2. whose prior Passport was issued at age 15 or under, or
  • 3. whose prior Passport was issued more than 15 years ago, or
  • 4. whose expired Passport is not in their possession, or
  • 5. whose current, valid Passport is damaged.

Renewal of Passport

Passports can only be renewed if ALL 3 of the following conditions are met:
  • 1.The previous Passport was issued when you were age 16 or over, AND
  • 2.The Passport is still in your possession and undamaged, AND
  • 3.The Passport was issued less than 15 years ago.
If you answered 'no' to any of these, follow First-time process except for:
Applicants currently age 15 & under, click here for Age 15 & under instructions.
Applicants who lost a valid Passport, click here for Lost/Stolen instructions. '

Lost or Stolen Passport

This process is for replacing a lost or stolen Passport when the applicant is currently age 16 & over AND the missing Passport is still valid (i.e. not expired).

If the missing Passport has expired, follow New Passport Application process except for:

Applicants currently age 15 under, click here for Age 15 & under instructions.

Name Changes on Passport

Follow this process to have a

Passport amended to reflect a legal name change.

Note: Passports MUST reflect the legal name in order to travel internationally.

Adding Additional Pages

Select this process when your current, valid Passport is running out of pages AND will not expire for more than 1 year.

If Passport will expire within a year, you should just get a new Passport; see Passport Renewal process above.

Extend the limited Passport

This process is used to extend a 1-year Passport to its full 10-year term.

One-year Passports are issued when something was missing during the original application process or occasionally when replacing a lost Passport.

In order to use this process any documents missing at the time of the original application must be provided.